Requests regarding repairs/repair estimates

Phone: 044 566 20 20
Mail: support(at)

Repair estimates

For private and new customers, repair estimates will be billed at the moment the device is handed over:

  • for small devices (DVD players, blu-ray players, HiFi, radios etc. ) SFr. 80.-
  • for TVs and beamers SFr. 125.-

Dealers are allowed to pay the flat rate for cost-estimate after refusing the repair.

Flat rates will be deducted after repair.

What we need with your device to be able to guarantee a repair under warranty:

  • Copy of the purchase invoice
  • Your contact information
  • Description of the defaults


Is repair really necessary?

Before you send us your device for repair, please try to fix the problem by yourself first.

Many minor problems can be fixed by:

  • Consulting your user manuel
  • Checking cables and external devices
  • Calling our service hotline

This way, shipping costs for your device as well as unnecessary waiting time can be avoided.